Air Fresh 101

“Unexpected Benefit From An Already Greatly Beneficial Product…

Now You Can Safely And Naturally REPEL INSECTS From

Your Home Or Business WITHOUT Harsh Chemicals!”

Purify your living space and advance your quality of life!

Our Eco Pyramid patented technology is great for homes and businesses.

This amazingly simple device was originally created for the health and wellness industry. Using patented and scientifically proven technology,  the beads inside this pyramid emit a safe and natural, positive electrical charge into the air and atmosphere of your home.

This subtle charge will eliminate negative energy fields in your environment giving you a stronger immune system, a better nights sleep and a general sense of energy, security and harmony with your surroundings.

People around the world were singing this little pyramid’s praises but then it got even better… People started reporting that insects were literally disappearing in areas where thy placed their pyramids!

It was discovered that although 100% safe and actually GOOD for people and pets, this very small positive charge is extremely uncomfortable for insects!

Although it takes a day or two before the insects get the message and realize that it’s there, once they do… They’ll get as far away as possible from it and STAY away!

Perfect for Inside Use… Even BETTER Outside!

 * Place One On Your Deck Or Patio To Establish A Bug Free Zone!

 * Stick One In Your Garage Or WHEREVER You Have Problem Insects

* Ranchers Report AMAZING Results Keeping Flies Out Of Their Barns And Stables And OFF Of Their Livestock!

 * Effectively Repels Insects In A WHOPPING 2500ft. Circumference area!

 Whether for your home, your business, your patio or livestock stables… There has never been such a natural and safe way to repel pesky and annoying insects of all kinds.

The pyramid is small, lightweight, requires no batteries or outside energy source and will keep you bug-free for up to an entire year!

Order Now and be ready for the summer ahead!