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Hand sanitizers are ubiquitous these days. You can find them on backpacks, in diaper bags, in doctor’s offices, and in schools. The attraction to hand sanitizers is that they kill germs quickly and efficiently without soap and water. This is a dream for moms who have kids at parks and playgrounds as well as for everyday, on-the-go people.

Alcohol-based sanitizers have been the most popular because they are recommended by the CDC and up to 90% effectiveat killing germs. But, there are faults with having alcohol as a main ingredient. Here are a few things that people worry about with these products.

Flammability. Because alcohol-based sanitizers are regulated by the FDA, it’s recommended that they contain 60% to 90% alcohol. This means that the products can be highly flammable.

Poisonous. With such high percentages of alcohol, it’s possible that hand sanitizers can make children sick if they drink it. While you may not think that a hand sanitizer would look appetizing, many products are marketed to children in fun scents like cotton candy and vanilla cupcake.

Skin irritation. Alcohol dries out the skin. People who rely on hand sanitizer – doctors, nurses, school teachers – can suffer from irritated, cracked skin as a result.

Burning. If you’ve ever applied hand sanitizer over a cut, you know just how bad this burns! This is especially uncomfortable for little hands that often have cuts and scrapes.

Are Natural Hand Sanitizers the Better Option?

With some definite drawbacks to alcohol sanitizers, many people have shifted their attention to natural alternatives. But just how effective is a natural hand sanitizer?

First, it’s important to know that most natural products are not regulated by the FDA. The term “natural” is also unregulated, so companies can use it freely to market their products. If you’re choosing an alcohol-free hand sanitizer, do your research on the ingredients.

Second, products marketed as “natural” often use small percentages of alcohol to make the product more effective. If you happen to find a product that uses all-natural ingredients like tea tree oil or thyme, know that it is not as strong and reliable as an alcohol-based product.

Fortunately, there is an alternative that meets in the middle: Zoono GermFree 24. The GermFree 24 Hand Sanitizer is an amazing hand sanitizer that will change the way you and your family stay healthy. The product kills 99.99% of illness-causing germs and does not promote microbial mutation that alcohol products do. It’s FDA compliant, dermatologically tested, water-based, and made in the USA. Also, you don’t have to keep reapplying the product because it lasts for up to 24 hours!

Let’s go back to our original question: Are natural hand sanitizers effective? The answer: Zoono’s GermFree24 Hand Sanitizer is safer and more effective than alcohol-based sanitizers, without any of the negative side effects.