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As people become more aware of the germs that surround them in their daily lives, hand sanitizers are starting to pop up frequently in public places. With that, it is important to note that not all hand sanitizers are created equal. For example, did you know that most hand sanitizers only work for two minutes at a time? As soon as it dries on your hands, germs start to colonize again immediately! Zoono Germfree24 is different than anything currently available on the market. It works differently by safely bonding to your skin and protecting against germs for a full 24 hours.

Long Lasting

Most hand sanitizers kill germs only while they’re wet on your hands, which means that to protect against germs, you have to constantly re-apply. GermFree24 uses innovative technology that allows it to continue killing germs, even while dry.  Zoono’s technology in GermFree24 permanently and safely bonds to the surface and sets up a nano-molecular layer of pins creating a hostile barrier that resembles a “bed of nails” to germs. This physically impales and destroys any germs that come in contact with the layer. No other hand sanitizer works better or lasts longer than GermFree24.


While many hand sanitizers claim to be safe, many people neglect to research what is truly inside and how they can affect their bodies. Most hand sanitizers kill germs using chemistry, while GermFree24 uses physics to kill germs.  With this, GermFree24 is the safest option as it uses an FDA compliant formula, and has been rated “food safe”. Most alcohol based hand sanitizers can lead to hormone disruption, a weaker immune system, antibiotic resistance, and more due to toxic chemicals.

Alcohol – The main ingredient in most sanitizers

Many people think that alcohol is a necessary ingredient to make hand sanitizer effective. However, sometimes these sanitizers do more harm than good. With the amount of alcohol in hand sanitizer, ingesting or drinking it can actually lead to alcohol poisoning, low blood sugar, respiratory issues, and coma. The ethyl alcohol found in sanitizers is the same as what we drink. The common 62% concentration equates to 124 proof liquor, and has gotten alcohol-based sanitizers banned in schools after cases of consumption. GermFree24 is completely water-based.

Non-Dry Skin

Hand sanitizer users tend to apply sanitizer multiple times throughout the day. While this may seem beneficial and preventative, repetitive use of alcohol-based sanitizer in a single day can actually cause skin dermatitis, or dry skin. The alcohol acts as an antimicrobial agent and evaporates quickly, so there is no wet residue left over. This quick evaporation is a big factor in hand dryness. When applying Zoono GermFree24, your hands will feel silky and smooth, leaving an invisible coating. It acts as a glove, with reapplication unnecessary for 24 hours.

How GermFree24 Kills Germs

GermFree24 is different because it doesn’t rely on chemicals to kill or dehydrate germs. By physically killing germs and creating a protective barrier, GermFree24 provides a number of benefits:

-Protects against 99.99% of germs for 24 hours

-It’s safe for you and your family


The Zoono technology makes this hand sanitizer the only product available that kills and protects against germs for 24 hours. Zoono GermFree24 is the next evolution of hand sanitizers. Get yours today!