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What is Zoono?

About Zoono

Chlorine Bleach

Zoono offers a totally new concept in sanitizing, disinfecting and protecting people, homes and businesses. Zoono started redeveloping a unique antimicrobial technology in 2008 – spending the first years improving and re-engineering a technology first developed pre WWII. Zoono has created what is now a 9th generation suite of Zoono products that are all water based.

Today, all Zoono products form a covalent bond with a hard surface or skin to not only kill bacteria and viruses present but to also protect the surface for extended periods of time – in the case of hard surfaces this protection lasts up to a month (30 Days) and for skin it protects for at least 24 hours. Zoono has been proven effective against Bacteria, Viruses, Mould, Algae, Yeast and Mildew and is a broad spectrum killer.

The active ingredient in Zoono products is non-toxic and kills by ‘mechanical’ means. Zoono works by depositing a layer of microscopic pins coat the surface and kill the pathogen by piercing and rupturing the cell wall – a process called lysis (a principle similar to that of a pin popping a balloon). By killing germs in this method (rather than via alcohol dehydration or by poison), it prevents mutation (the development of superbugs) and prevents cross contamination because Zoono bonds permanently to the surface to which it is applied.

The products are safe to use around children and pets and enjoy Food Safety Approvals in New Zealand and Australia, along with approvals in many other Countries. We are currently pursuing these same registrations in the US.

Zoono has been successfully tested against a variety of pathogens including the hospital superbug MRSA, Staph, E.coli, H1N1, MERS, Norovirus, plus many more. Zoono has 100+ independent Test Results from laboratories all over the globe operating under ISO or GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) Standards.

Following the emergence of global threats such as EBOLA, MERS, SARS, Avian flu and H1N1 swine flu, the world has become conscious of the need for microbial protection. This has led to a surge in demand for products in the hand sanitized, textiles, food packaging and industrial markets.

Zoono technology provides the antibacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-algal protection of a broad-spectrum antimicrobial sanitiser that continuously kills for up to a month. Unlike conventional antimicrobials, Zoono does not kill by chemical poisoning, does not emit gas, leach, diffuse, migrate, evaporate away or otherwise leave the surface to which it has been applied.

The result is an extraordinarily long-acting, food safe product unmatched by others. Zoono products have been proven to be highly effective against a wide array of pathogens, including MRSA (Superbug), E. Coli, H1N1 Swine Flu, Listeria, Stachybotrys (black mould) and even the debilitating gastro ailment, Norovirus.

The companion product GermFree24 Hand Sanitizer has also been developed differently for specific markets – for example a high alcohol variant has been approved for hospital environments and an alcohol-free variant has been produced for markets where alcohol is prohibited.

In addition, the ZoonoTex aftermarket range will include products for outdoor furniture, sportswear, and clothing for laundry applications.

Competitive Advantage

Zoono today is the 9th generation of this technology and has been re-engineered into a water based solution that provides the anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-algal protection of a broad spectrum antimicrobial sanitiser that remains active for up to one month after each application while being totally safe for use around people, pets and plants alike.

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Top rated FAQ Questions

How does Just Gone Sanitizing & Deodorizing System™ (Chlorine Dioxide) Work?

Most people have never heard of Chlorine Dioxide (Clo2). Or else they think its bleach (which is Sodium Hypochlorite or NsCIO). Like bleach, Clo2 is used as a sanitizer and bleaching agent. Unlike bleach, Clo2 is safe to use, does not leave toxic residue. Chlorine Dioxide oxygenates products rather than chlorinating them. Clo2 is considered a “friendly” Deodorizer, Sanitizer and Disinfectant.

There are a lot of pathogenic organisms out there that can cause chaos.
Clo2 is highly effective on most bacteria, virus, fungi, mold spores, algae, and blood borne pathogens, protozoa, yeast and biofilms.
Some names you might recognize are;

Legionella – Salmonella – Cryptosporidium – Giardia Cysts – Coliforms
Listeria – Shigella – Staph – Norovirus – Influenza – Anthrax – Cholera
E-coli – Hepatitis – Hepa Virus – EBOLA – C Diff – MARS – MERSA

Is Chlorine Dioxide non-toxic? What about residue?

Chlorine Dioxide is residue free as the active ingredients break down to naturally found products in the environment, primarily salt and water. It is environmentally friendly and has no harsh reactions on your skin.

Can Chlorine Dioxide be used on hard Surfaces?

Absolutely, it is ideal for use as a hard surface cleaner because with minimal surface time it is highly effective against many different organisms.


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