Zoono is the Solution to Your Cruise-Line Woes

An All-Around Product for an All-Around the World Trip

When you’re first starting to plan your dream vacation, many vacation-seekers will flock to cruises. The idea of cruising around the world from exotic country to exotic country is extremely appealing. It’s as if you’re packing in ten vacations into one! With that being said, it can also truly feel as though you’re packing in ten vacations into one; with your health! There are many reasons why cruise ships bring about some of the worst cases of illness known to humankind. Confined spaces, large volumes of people, excessive alcohol consumption, etc… In this analysis, we’ll be examining the following scenarios and how Zoono can help prevent the following conditions:

•Flu-like symptoms
•Respiratory Infections (Legionnaire’s Disease/Pneumonia)
•GI (Gastro-Intestinal)
•Vectorborne Diseases

Flu-Like Symptoms

We’ve all experienced a variety of symptoms related to flu-like conditions. Dehydration, cold sweats, diarrhea, lightheadedness, vomiting, and so on and so forth. None of those symptoms are ideal anywhere in the world, especially on a cruise ship where you’re confined abroad and stuffed into a ship similar to a sardine.

The main factors contributing to contracting influenza have to do with sanitary conditions. When you’re within a highly traversed area with people from all walks of life who are interacting with one another, there’s bound to be at least one individual able to provide you with the necessary ingredients for influenza. This is where Zoono comes in to save the day. With the Zoono anti-microbial nano technology you’ll find the protected areas of your body utterly protected from harmful pathogens. Zoono’s technology creates a defensive bacteriostatic barrier that permanently adheres to your skin and continues to work as long as that skin remains attached to your body – typically about 24 hours. With the millions of tiny spikes that make up the bacteriostatic barrier, germs are physically impaled on the spikes and destroyed. In other words, Zoono uses physics to prevent the transmission of bacteria and viruses while other brands use chemistry to simply dehydrate or poison the bacteria and viruses making their way onto your body and ruining your vacation!

When you’re enjoying your cruise, you’ll want to take some precautionary methods to avoid catching the flu. You’ll want to spray some of the Zoono anti-microbial nanotechnology on your hands every 24 hours to prevent transmission of the viruses. If you’re children or grandparents are joining you on your vacation, you’ll want to ensure they apply the Zoono product every day, as their immune systems may be more susceptible to contracting illness than you are.

With Zoono, you’ll find your vacation much more enjoyable WITHOUT the flu! Now, we’ll be analyzing how our products can help with preventing one of the more annoying and disgusting conditions that effects all ages with an equal wrath; conjunctivitis, a.k.a. pink-eye!

Conjunctivitis (Pink-Eye)

If you’ve ever had conjunctivitis, you’ll know that it often appears out of nowhere. You’ll go to
bed, anticipating that you’ll be waking up to a nice breakfast, able to see the spectacular views from your cruise ship, and start the day off right on an overall, positive note. Not with pink-eye! Your eye(s) will be crusted over with a nasty, crusty goo that is only removable by a warm, dampened cloth. The key step in avoiding pink-eye is hand-washing, however, there are many instances where you cannot simply go to the bathroom and wash your hands. This is where Zoono can save your vacation!

With Zoono’s anti-microbial nanotechnology setting up a protective barrier on your hands,; conjunctivitis bacteria will not ever get into your eyes due to your hands.Just spray a few blasts of the solution every 24 hours onto your hands and you’ll find that you’ll be able to effectively prevent any instances of pink-eye from occurring within your family. This will ensure that everyone in your party is able to enjoy that beautiful cruise vacation they’ve been waiting their whole life to experience!

Respiratory Infections (Legionnaire’s Disease/Pneumonia)

Respiratory infections are some of the most brutal, destabilizing conditions you can acquire aboard a cruise ship. The main reason conditions such as pneumonia are so common aboard cruise ships is due to the fact that when confined in tight, small spaces for extended periods of time; the environment becomes everyone’s shared environment. This proposes a unique situation not found in any other environment except for possibly a hospital ward. This situation we’re speaking of is a perfect breeding-ground for pneumonia.

For example, when someone coughs into their hand with a developing case of pneumonia, then a child or elderly person, or even yourself, grabs the door handle the affected person just touched, they will be exposed to an onset of viruses and bacteria that Zoono can prevent the transmission of! With Zoono’s protective antimicrobial nanotechnology you, your child, and any other family member is protected from respiratory infections on a physical level!

GI (Gastro-Intestinal)

You feel the rumbling in your stomach, the cold-sweats, the pain. You have food-poisoning. While uncooked/improperly cooked foods are the cause of the majority of food-poisoning cases, there are several cases which are caused by ingesting harmful bacteria and pathogens residing on your hands (or the hands of the chefs), and when your hands are placing a variety of delicious, cruise-line buffet foods into your mouth; you’ll be starting the horrible experience of food-poisoning.

According to the CDC 80% of illnesses are conveyed by the hands.

Zoono can help prevent hand-to-mouth food-poisoning quite easily. With our 24-hour nano-technology protection against harmful bacteria and viruses, you’ll be able to enjoy all of the delicious, buffet food to your heart’s content! Leave the vomiting into toilets, high-fevers, and ruined vacations for other people who don’t know about Zoono!