Smells, Sickness, and Sports: How Zoono Helps!

”What’s That Smell?”

As a parent of kids, that question above is likely asked more often than not… This is why
Zoono provides a solution to the ever-questioned smells lingering in your kid’s sporting equipment. Our sport microbe shield solution provides the best remedy to those foul-smelling odors which seem to be lingering for months and months, with no end in sight, or should we say smell? Zoono’s patented technology provides odor protection, continuously, for 30 days. There is no other product on the market which provides such long-lasting, effective, and non-toxic solutions to such a common problem.

Where can it be used?

The options are virtually limitless when it comes to protecting against odor-causing bacteria on non-living surfaces. Zoono’s process of eliminating odor-causing bacteria is one that goes about physically destroying the bacterial cell walls with a series of molecularly sized pins, which in turn cause the bacteria and/or virus to become defunct and be rendered extinct. This process does not utilize any harmful, toxic properties; it is purely a physical process on a molecular level.

With al of that being said, now it’s time to answer the question of “Where can it be used?”. It can really and truly be used anywhere there is odor-causing bacteria. Gym shoes, gym bags, soccer duffels, hockey equipment, football protective gear, and so much more! Zoono’s effectiveness works equally as well across the broad spectrum of surfaces that are exuding a foul odor. This is why Zoono is the right choice for eliminating all odor-causing bacteria

Odors are Bad, but Sickness is Worse

Yes, a foul smell may be bad, but the underlying cause is usually due to an overload of bacteria, and when this bacteria overpopulates while being rubbed onto your skin, you will most certainly increase your risk of obtaining some truly nasty infections:

•Staphylococcus aureus (Staph & MRSA)
•Candida albicans (Fungus)
•Aspergillus Niger (Air-Borne Fungus)
•Influenza (Common Flu)
•C. Difficile (Colitis)
•Viridans streptococci (Strep infections)

Staphylococcus aureus (Staph & MRSA)

You’ll often hear on the news that there are several instances of MRSA spreading like wildfire. This is due to its antibiotic-resistant qualities that are ever-expanding and developing as each year passes. As the MRSA becomes stronger and more intelligent over time, there will be an impending crisis hanging over the heads of all human beings who are becoming more susceptible to MRSA each year.

With Zoono, MRSA is no match for the physical penetration of cell walls with our technology. We pierce the MRSA cells with molecular-level, nano-technology that said cells cannot withstand. There will never be a way for MRSA to outsmart our technology, as it physically degrades, pierces, and ruptures the cell walls. It does not dehydrate or poison the cells, as most anti-bacterial solutions do. All of these facts regarding Zoono are more than enough of a reason to pick up a bottle, today/a>!

Candida albicans (Fungus)

Fungus can be a constant source of discomfort, pain, and lifelong battle with your skin’s overall health. Zoono can prevent such scenarios from occurring through the use of the sport microbe shield solution. This solution, when sprayed can effectively to deter fungus from developing on sporting equipment and save you the hassle of dealing with a nasty fungal infection on sensitive areas of your body. For just a meager price, you can save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in dermatologist visits each year by applying Zoono’s sport microbe shield solution.

Influenza (Common Flu)

Cases of influenza are always common amongst school-aged children, but there are ways to prevent the flu from becoming a part of your household this year. The answer is Zoono. With Zoono’s hand sanitizer, all-purpose microbe shield, sports microbe shield; you can rest assured that your children will be protected! With sports, there’s close contact, and with close contact, there’s an ever-present opportunity to contact the flu from a teammate, or worse, from the opposing team! This is why you should always carry a bottle of Zoono’s hand sanitizer solution as it acts as a physical shield against harmful bacteria and viruses for 24 hours at a time. This ensures you’re having fun on the field and not being miserable in the emergency room.

C. Difficile (Colitis)

Your kids have just won the state-wide championship and you arrive back to your house to celebrate with a congratulatory dinner. While preparing food for the kids, you recall an area that had raw chicken juice on it earlier in the day. You spray Zoono’s kitchen microbe shield solution on the affected area and just like that, crisis averted! Now if you were to simple wipe the area down with soap and water from a bacteria-collecting sponge, you may run the risk of cross-contaminating more areas than one! This is why it’s imperative to use our kitchen microbe shield solution. C. Difficile bacteria is no match for Zoono!

Viridans streptococci (Strep infections)

Strep is ultra common amongst school-aged children and your kids can be one step ahead of the rest of their teammates this year by using Zoono’s wet wipes to wipe down their bacteria-ladened desk and our hand-sanitizer to ensure they’re protected, 24 hours a day. Say goodbye to Strep and sore throats with Zoono!

Be Proactive, Not Reactive!

Health comes down to being proactive, not reactive. Sports are the same. You can’t expect to win the game without practice and training. With your health, you can’t expect to win the fight against bacteria without some proper planning. Zoono helps you plan for the worst with our wide-range of anti-microbial/anti-bacterial products. This game season, choose Zoono and you’ll always be on the winning team!