Amazing NEW Technology Kills Germs In A Whole New Way….

“This Invisible Layer Of Protection Keeps Your Hands Germ Free For 24 HOURS After Just ONE Application! … Keeps Surfaces In Your Home Germ Free For Up To 30 Days!”

Make Your Home Germ, Odor And Virus Free!

Day and night, we battle an invisible enemy: GERMS. Everywhere we go, everything we touch, the enemy is waiting for us.

The tools we have to address this relentless adversary are inadequate and temporary at best. What’s more, germs mutate and become resistant to the poisons used to combat them, causing manufacturers to constantly increase chemical concentrations just to keep up. Ultimately, this is not good for us or our environment.

Now, there is a better solution: Zoono — the safe, long-lasting disinfectant that kills germs in a whole new way.

Zoono physically kills germs rather than poisoning or dehydrating them. Made from the most basic of raw organic compounds, Zoono is a nontoxic water-based solution that provides a protective nanomolecular layer of pins which destroy microbes on contact.

Virtually odorless and colorless, this microscopic layer of pins forms an invisible shield that protects you from a broad spectrum of harmful microorganisms including odor causing bacteria, mold, fungi and viruses.

Zoono permanently bonds to anything it is applied to which includes hard surfaces like plastic and glass as well as fabrics like drapes, carpets and upholstery.

Zoono starts to work immediately and becomes more effective once it dries, leaving a micro-thin coating that can last up to 30 days on a surface and up to 24 hours on skin.

Zoono Mini-Fogger

The Zoono fogger is a quick drying formulation that incorporates the proven, unique Zoono antimicrobial technology.

This product is ideal for occasions where a fast acting, antimicrobial product is required in order to minimize downtime when treating computer keyboards, desk phones, photocopiers, printers, headsets and microphones plus touch points such as door handles, light switches etc.

The Zoono Aerosol’s unique antimicrobial technology provides maximum protection to high risk areas.

Each fogger covers 200 square feet – $29.99

Zoono Hand Sanitizer GermFree24

As it’s name implies, Zoono’s Hand Sanitizer GermFree24 utilizes the unique Zoono technology and incorporates it into the Ultimate Protection Hand Sanitizer.

Unlike traditional hand sanitizers that kill germs only while they are wet, Zoono starts killing germs immediately and then keeps working, protecting hands from germs for up to 24 hours!

This is important news especially when you consider that our hands are the #1 vector for germ transmission. In other words: clean hands = healthy family.

Better still, Zoono is a FDA Compliant nontoxic*, water based antiseptic – it is less toxic than Vitamin C and won’t dry hands out like alcohol-based products.

Nothing works better and lasts longer to protect your family’s hands than Zoono.

Active ingredient is less toxic than Vitamin C

Hand Sanitizer – 5.07 oz. Bottle $11.99